Guidance lessons are conducted in every grade through out the school year. The guidance schedule and content varies depending on the grade level. Additional lessons are provided depending upon needs of individual classrooms.

Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum
The Talking About Touching program focuses on teaching children basic skills designed to help them keep safe from dangerous or abusive situations. Despite good intentions to provide a safe environment for children, adults cannot always be there to protect children from every dangerous or abusive situation. Using the materials provided in the Talking About Touching kit, parents, caregivers, child-care providers, and teachers can work together to provide the rules, information, encouragement, and practice that children need to help protect themselves.

Topics include: Car Safety, Bicycle Safety, Fire Safety, Gun Safety, Never Playing with Guns, Home Safety, Always Asking First Before Going with Someone, Always Get Permission Before Accepting Gifts, Safe/Unsafe Touches, Learning the Safety Steps, Finding Support/Talking to a Grown-Up, Standing Up for Yourself if You are Bullied and Speaking Out Against Bullying.

Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum
Second Step is a curriculum kit designed to reduce impulsive and aggressive behavior in children and increase their level of social competence.  It does this by teaching skills in being a learner, empathy, impulse control and anger management.

Superflex is a curriculum designed to help teach students how to regulate their behaviors through the use of a superhero. Superflex teaches students to use "superheoric thinking" in order to take on "Unthinkable" challenges such as Braineater, Glassman, Mean Jean, and many others.

CyberSmart! 21st Century Skills for Education
The CyberSmart! Student Curriculum empowers students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively. Standards-based lessons are aligned with national and state technology and information literacy standards. CyberSmart! prepares students to use the Internet for communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving—the new basic skills for 21st century learning. Topics include: Safety and Security; Manners, Cyberbullying and Ethics; Research and Information Fluency; and Twenty-First Century Challenges.

Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Curriculum
The Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program helps adults and students decrease bullying in their school and establish a safe, caring, and respectful school climate. Topics include: respectful behavior, conversation skills, how to appropriately join a group, what is bullying, standing up for yourself assertively, refusing to be bullied, reporting bullying and the importance of bystanders.
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