Ralston Middle School Exterior

About Ralston Middle School

  • Ralston Middle School was originally built as the district's senior high school in the early 1950's.  In 1998, Ralston voters approved a complete renovation with two new wings at a cost of approximately eight million dollars.  The building has expansive academic space, two full-size gymnasiums, a large weight room, and a lecture room.  The middle school staff emphasizes technology as an essential component to student learning.  Our building hosts two computer labs and more than two hundred computers.

    Ralston Middle School includes seventh and eighth grade students that are broken up into two seventh grade teams and two eighth grade teams.  Each core instructional team is comprised of educators in following subjects: English, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.  Students, at some time throughout the year, also have Industrial Technology, Art, Family Consumer Science and Physical Education.  Parent Group Meetings (PTO) are held once a month and date/time are listed under calendar.  All parents are welcome to attend.

    We appreciate family involvement and hope you always feel wecome at Ralston Middle School.  Family and community support are critical to our students' success!  If you would like to volunteer at RMS but cannot attend our PTO meetings, please call our school office at (402) 331-4701 to leave your name and number.  Thank you for your interest!