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    Based upon new guidance from national and local health experts announced on Monday, March 16, 2020, effective immediately Ralston Public Schools is extending its closure to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  At this time, there is no set date to return.  For more information on the closure, please click HERE.

    Learning Opportunities for Students 

    Providing access to learning opportunities for students is important to Ralston Public Schools. We encourage students to stay engaged throughout this time away from school. One of the best ways parents can support their child’s learning is by encouraging them to read every day.  Set aside 10-20 minutes a day and encourage your student to read or sit down and read together.  

    Listed below is what learning will look like for students at various levels.

    Questions for Elementary/Secondary Teachers and Principals 

    If you have school or classroom-specific question, certified elementary and secondary teachers and principals will be available to answer questions via email for students and families.

    Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth-Grade

    We have made a change for our learning packets.  Due to the high demand for printed packets, district staff have combined several weeks worth of learning materials into one large packet.  These new packets will be inserted into your student’s Personal Effects bag at each elementary school and will be available next week on Thursday (April 2nd) from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and Friday (April 3rd) from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  Please click HERE to view the message sent home to families that includes additional information.

    We are encouraging families to complete the packets throughout this time away from school.  The student's work done in the packets does not need to be returned to school. These packets will allow students the opportunity to maintain the skills and learning they have acquired so far this year. 

    Students needing additional support (SPED and EL) will be provided supplemental materials in their Personal Effects bag to help with the work included in the learning packet.  Students involved in the District’s HAL program will also receive additional enrichment materials to go along with their learning packet.

    ** The materials included in the Learning Packets requested by families for the week of March 26th will be included in the new packets placed in your student’s Personal Effects bag.  **

    Packets Still Available Online - Learning packets will still be available online through our District website.  Scroll down to find grade-specific lessons for your student.  Also included will be additional activities under the Student Services resources available to address IEP goal areas.

    Ralston Middle School

    We have made a change to our learning packets.  Middle school learning packets for all subject areas will remain available online.  Scroll down to find grade-specific lessons for your student.  Also included will be additional activities under the Student Services resources available to address IEP goal areas.  Please click HERE to view the message sent home to Ralston Middle School Families that includes additional information.

    Reading and math curriculum materials will be available online and in paper packets.  Due to the high demand for printed packets, these new packets will now be available for pick up at Ralston Middle School starting on Monday, March 30th.  

    To help limit the number of people at our buildings, we would please ask for one adult per family to pick up the materials from school.  Packets will be available from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday on a table just inside the front entrance of the school.   

    Students needing additional support, based on their IEP, with their learning packets will be provided this information through US mail by their teacher.   

    Ralston High School

    Online Course Access: We will be continuing to offer Ninth through Twelfth-Grade grade students the opportunity to take courses online using our Edgenuity Platform.  To learn more details about Edgenuity or participate in an online course, please go to the 9-12 Edgenuity Registration Request.  After your request has been submitted, a RHS counselor will be reviewing your request, selecting the best course option for your student and contacting you regarding next steps.  If your student is on an IEP, accommodations will be made available based on the IEP.  High school credit will be provided for completed courses through Edgenuity.  In Ralston High School’s weekly update, we will be sharing a video overview on how to track progress and the basic features of Edgenuity. 

    Edgenuity Parent Guides:
    • Parent Guide (English)
    • Parent Guide (Spanish/Espanol)

    Access To Non-Technology Based Course Offerings: We recognize some families do not have access to technology or the internet.  Therefore, we are in the process of developing a non-technology based course offering for students to participate in for high school credit.  If you are interested in having your child participate in this, please sign up at 9-12 Edgenuity Registration Request and select the Non-technology Based Course Offering.  These offerings will primarily be focused around courses that began during third term and were scheduled to continue into fourth term.

    Optional Online Learning Packets: Learning packets will still be available online through our District website (ralstonschools.org) for this upcoming week.  This information can be found by clicking on the Student Services section under the “For Families” tab at the top of the website.  After that, we will no longer be offering this due to the adjustments in our learning plan. Please remember, these learning packets are optional and students do not receive credit for completion.

    Dual Enrollment/AP: We will continue to offer Dual Enrollment/AP. If you have questions or concerns on how the course will proceed, please contact your students' school counselor or the specific course instructor.  Zoo Academy students should be receiving communication through the Henry Doorly Zoo.

    Nursing Assisting Course:  Mrs. Ashley Turner has been in communication with students regarding the certification work needed to complete this course.  Please contact her directly if you have additional questions.

    Please click HERE to view the message sent home to Ralston High School Families that includes additional information.

    Below are file folders specific for each grade level and specific classes containing the learning opportunities for students.  Please click on the specific grade level for your student(s) to find the specific materials. 

Student Services Folder

Pre-K - Sixth Grade Learning Opportunities

Seventh Grade through Eleventh Grade Learning Opportunities