Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Steve Schrad

As Ralston Middle School’s Assistant Principal, Mr. Schrad oversees staff evaluation, student discipline, activity schedules, activity budgets, and transportation.

Mr. Schrad joined the staff at Ralston Middle School in 1992 as a social studies teacher, activity sponsor, and coach.  After teaching, he served as the principal of Eustis-Farnam Schools, Seward Middle School, and Westside Middle School. In 2012, Mr. Schrad returned to Ralston as Principal at Ralston High School with responsibilities including student discipline, staff evaluation, and performance monitoring.  After four years as Principal, Mr. Schrad moved to Ralston Middle School as Assistant Principal.

Mr. Schrad chose to move back to Ralston Middle School because he enjoys the challenge of providing the best educational opportunities in middle-level education that  Ralston can provide. Most of his experience and training are in middle-level education, and Mr. Schrad feels very fortunate going “full circle” to be at the school where he started his career.