We are excited to welcome your student into Ralston Public Schools!

Kindergarten Activity Photo
Graduation Photo
  • Here is how the resident enrollment process proceeds:

    1. Review the New Enrollment Information Packet (in English and Spanish)for information regarding steps to enroll your child and the items we need to complete the process for your child between Kindergarten and 12th Grade.

    2. Complete the online portion of enrollment at


    3. Take the necessary documents (explained in the packet linked above) into your child's future school.  The secretary will help take it from there.

    Have you read our "Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions" page?  There, you'll find answers about immunizations and physical exams required by state law to begin school in August.

  • If you are enrolling your student in June or July, you may bring the paperwork for elementary students (PreK through 6th Grade) to our Central Office at 8545 Park Drive.

    If you need access to a computer, no problem!  Each school and our Central Office will have a computer available.