Construction and Past Renovation Information

Buildings and Dates

    • Ralston Middle School: Constructed 1953, Renovated 1996
    • Seymour Elementary: Constructed 1961
    • Karen Western Elementary: Constructed 1963, Renovated 1996
    • Mockingbird Elementary: Constructed 1964
    • Ralston High School: Constructed 1968, Renovated 2005
    • Wildewood Elementary: Constructed 1971
    • Blumfield Elementary: Constructed 1971
    • Meadows Elementary: Constructed 1972


  • Throughout the years, repairs and maintenance have been a priority at each building as funding allows. Mr. Pat Carson with BDCM Architects, the firm engaged for this facilities needs assessment, commended Ralston Public Schools staff for their maintenance and repairs of district buildings. Carson explained the items his team identified do not reflect any maintenance deficiencies, instead, that "systems and components have a life and wear out." Carson told the Ralston Public Schools Board of Education that RPS has, "some of the best-maintained schools in the area," reiterating the fact that mechanical systems, electrical systems, carpet, and other materials eventually need replacement.

Ralston High School
Mockingbird Elementary School

Project Funding

  • Because of the school funding structure in Nebraska, Ralston Public Schools cannot levy additional funds for building projects without sacrificing dollars that currently go to student instruction. "We've prioritized and dedicated resources to the classroom," said RPS Executive Director of Fiscal Affairs Jason Buckingham.