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Josh Kilzer (2021)

  • Josh is planning on attending Wayne State College next year to continue his baseball career.  He will be joining the team as a pitcher, and he has not yet decided on the major he will pursue.  We are excited to continue to watch his development as a baseball player for the Wildcats.


Nolan Sailors (2021)

  • Nolan is headed to Creighton University.  He is going to play baseball for the Bluejays starting in the 2022 Season.  He is a middle infielder in our program and will be a tremendous asset to the Creighton program.  



Jahrran Paces (2020)

  • Jahrran is headed to Buena Vista Univeristy where he will compete in both baseball and football.  He has been apart of the Ralston program for 3 years and we are excited to see him perform at the next level.