• Strategic Priority #1

    Status:  In Progress - 25% Complete

  • Strategic Priority
    • 1.1 Develop and implement a plan for extensive construction and remodeling projects for the next 3-5 years.  Continue to monitor the construction budget and the balance of the building fund.

  • Outcomes

    • Conduct and communicate the results of a district wide facility study. (Timeline: 2018-2021)
    • Completion of construction/remodel at all eight facilities. (Timeline: 2022-2027)
    • Develop and install standard classroom technology packages for most classrooms. (Timeline: 2023-2027)
    • Monitor bond funds and set levy to match payments. (Timeline: 2022-2047)
    • Develop and execute a comprehensive communication plan for construction and completion of projects. (Timeline: 2022-2027)

  • Strategy Leader
    Mr. Jason Buckingham

    Key Members
    Dr. Mark Adler, Jim Frederick, Jason Fink, Pat Flinn, Kenny Derby, Ray Smith, Tim Rusie

    Key Teams: 
    Construction Meeting Teams

    Progress Update:
    11/8/2021:  Bond passed, in the process of selling bonds and planning projects.
    12/8/2022:  MB construction is progressing, Meadows to start in April, KW 5/23 RMS HVAC 5/23