• Strategic Priority #2: 2.1

    Status:  In Progress - 65% complete

  • Strategic Priority
    • 2.1 Develop and strengthen the district Professional Learning Community culture and practices.

  • Outcomes

    • Initiate work around Professional Learning Communities. (Completed 2018-2019)
    • Complete initial implementation at all schools. (Completed 2019-2020)
    • Develop a common framework for equitable access to tiered supports. (Completed 2019-2021)
    • Develop common formative and summative assessments. (Timeline: 2019-2023)
    • Complete district wide implementation of framework for equitable access to tiered supports (RPS Layered Continuum of Support). (Timeline: 2021-2023)
    • Explore and implement evidence of learning and grading practices, policies, and framework. (Timeline: 2021-2024)

  • Strategy Leader
    Dr. Cecilia Wilken

    Key Members
    Dr. Mark Adler

    Key Teams
    Building Early Adopter & New Adopter Work Groups (Now PLC Work Groups), Certain Access Subcommittee, Districtwide Grading Committee

    Progress Update:
    • 11/8/2021:  Our team has focused heavily on implementing WIN time in reading, math, and for behavior (some buildings).  Every building is now implementing WIN, some in one subject, some in all areas.  Our K-6 teachers have had the opportunity to share how WIN looks at their building with each other, and our 7-12 has been trained on the flex period program.  The RPS Grading Committee has met four times to discuss our goal for grading and expectations, dug into best practices in grading, looked at various frameworks, and identified practices we need to further explore.  

    We have built in time for teacher teams to develop common formative and summative assessments during each professional learning day.  The PLC Work Groups have been restructured to focus on specific areas that buildings are wanting more information on (i.e. deeper dive into WIN time, responding when students get it, etc).

    • 3/28/2022:  We are continuing to focus on our implementation of WIN time, collaborative processes, and development of common formative and summative assessments.  This work will continue in the fall with an emphasis on English Language Arts at the Elementary and all course areas in the secondary grades.

    • 12/9/2022:  Our team has been focused on implementation of WIN time, diving deeper into collaborative protocols that encourage deeper, richer conversation.  RHS & RMS are resetting practices around WIN time as we shift to a more “normal” year of teaching and learning.  Districtwide, we are focused on prioritizing the new standards for ELA, and building common assessments for the priority standards.  We have also been spending time preparing a draft grading framework document based on the research and collaboration by the subcommittee that we plan to use as the foundation for grading practices moving forward.  Our timeline for this work is still in development, as we are planning to seek feedback from stakeholders and use a phased approach to implementation.  Additionally, in lieu of our PLC Work Group we have a team of staff members participating in Yes, We Can! which focuses on collaboration between general education and special education.