• Strategic Priority #3 - 3.1

    Status:  In Progress - 50% complete

  • Strategic Priority
    3.1 Complete a review of our talent acquisition, acceleration, advancement, and assessment processes and systems.

  • Outcomes
    • Update hiring practices and procedures to include a talent, quality and fit component in the interview and selection process. (Completed: 2019-2021)
    • Build upon recruitment strategies to encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. (Completed: 2021-2023)
    • Identify, develop, and implement teacher self care supports. (Timeline: 2021-2023)
    • Identify, develop, and implement leadership and professional development opportunities for staff. (Timeline: 2021-2023)

  • Strategy Leader
    Dr. Mike Rupprecht

    Key Members
    Dr. Mark Adler

    Key Teams
    Cabinet Leadership Team

    Progress Update: 
    11/19/2021:  The District Administration has worked in several areas to support the recruitment and retainment of quality candidates.  Multiple Humanex tools have been implemented in the recruitment process as well as culture and climate assessments to review and impact the working environment for current staff.  Building principals and teacher leaders are more involved with the selection of new staff allowing for deeper levels of ownership within their teams. 

    Dr. Rupprecht has implemented a Diversity Scholarship Program for potential student teachers to Ralston Public Schools.  Diverse teacher candidates can earn stipends for completing their student teaching here in Ralston.  This program allows the District to recognize talent early and immediately begin recruitment.

    District Administration closely monitors staff workload and substitute teacher coverage across the District.  The Board of Education and Administration have identified additional days during the 1st semester that staff will not have to report allowing for time to unplug and recharge.  As 2nd semester begins District Administration will continue to closely monitor conditions and respond accordingly.

    Looking ahead to the 2nd semester, the district will be implementing a new substitute teacher model designed to complement our two existing programs.  The goals of this program are to (a) promote collaboration and communication, (b) foster relationships, (c) enhance performance, and (d) provide reliable support to our staff members.

    12/15/2022:  Implementation of a new application and human resource management system is underway.  The new system, TalentEd, will allow for a more streamlined approach for candidates to submit applications to the District.  Continued use of various Humanex tools are in place to help evaluate readiness and potential for success.  Building principals and staff leadership teams are engaged in the recruitmentment and interview process allowing for higher levels of ownership within the process.

    Continued use of the Humanex InsightEX assessment is in place to help evaluate the culture and climate within the buildings and District.  Data review and action plan development will take place to help encourage change in areas of growth focus while also celebrating strengths.  Adjustments and further input was collected as the 2023/2024 District calendar was adopted.  Based upon input, changes were made to align with staff and family desires.  

    Working with our business partners in New York and Manilla, the district has also implemented a new program designed to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds to the district.  Candidates who are interested in teaching in the United States now have a direct pathway to Ralston through the U.S. J1 Visa program.  The implementation of this program not only provides the district with a pipeline to recruit new talent, but also provides a vehicle for our staff members to learn new instructional techniques and strategies from foreign teachers.