• Organizational Culture 4.2

    Status:  In Progress - 30% Complete

  • Strategic Priority
    4.2  Reflect, analyze, and evaluate the Districts’ current culture and practices related to equity of education for all students.

  • Outcomes

    • Develop, recruit, and implement an Educational Equity work group. (Completed - 2021-2022)
    • Develop, recruit, and implement a District Equity committee. (Timeline - 2020-2023)
    • Create a common shared vision and definition of Equity as a Board of Education and school community. (Completed - 2021-2022)
    • Complete an Educational Equity culture audit (Timeline - 2021-2022)
    • Develop and initiate implementation of a District Wide Equity Strategic Plan (Timeline - 2021-2022)
  • Strategy Leader & Team Members
    Dr. Cecilia Wilken and Dr. Mark Adler (Leaders), Mr. Jim Frederick, Board of Education, District Equity Committee, and Educational Equity Work Group.

    Progress Update:
    11/8/2021: The Board of Education has participated in multiple work sessions centered around Educational Equity, focused on a development of a shared perspective and identifying a framework.  The Quantum10 has been recommended for use as an Equity Framework.

    Surveying of staff, students, and families has been completed or is almost complete depending on the stakeholder group.  Surveys were developed in conjunction with the definition of equity in Ralston.  

    The District has developed a draft logic model which will be shared with the BOE in January.  An Educational Equity Culture Audit is currently in progress, with the support of external stakeholders.