• Senior Portrait Yearbook Requirements

    Submission Deadline for 2023/2024 School Year:  December 15th, 2023.


    Senior photo requirements are as follows:

    1. Head and shoulder ONLY. Strapless photos are fine as long as it is clear the student is dressed. Students should otherwise follow general regard for the school dress code. No hands should be on the face.

    2. Portrait background. This may be any one solid color studio background. Outside photos will be allowed, but only if the background is relatively plain. The focus should be on your face!

    3. No pillars and no props, including animals.

    4. Do not submit screenshots of photos. If you opt to send a screenshot or a screen capture, this will significantly reduce printing quality. Photos should be original with no watermark and no black or white borders.

    5. Photos are only accepted electronically.

    Digital Submissions:
    • Email to christine.knust@ralstonschools.org or submit on cd
    • Digital submissions must be saved as a JPG file.
    • Photo file must be named with the senior's legal last name and then the legal first name (ex: Smith, William.jpg)
    • Submissions will receive email confirmation

    NO late submissions will be accepted.

    If you do not email a photo of your choice, your photo from registration or makeup picture day will be used. If you do not have a registration photo from Jack Martin Photography and you do not submit your own, your name will appear in the unpictured list. We do not use student ID photos.

    It is your responsibility to make sure you are pictured in your yearbook. Please make sure you find a photographer and schedule your senior photos early to prepare for this deadline. You do not have to use a professional photographer. Any headshot that follows the requirements is acceptable.