Wildewood Building Photo

About Wildewood Elementary School

  • Wildewood Elementary School, located just a few blocks northeast of 84th and Harrison, proudly serves approximately 300 students as one of the six elementary schools in the Ralston Public Schools of Ralston, Nebraska. Wildewood hosts students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth grade, along with an all day preschool program for four-year olds.

    The Wildewood Parent Teacher Organization (WPT) plays an active role in our school community. They organize monthly activities for students and families. Their fundraising efforts have supported field trips, sponsored fun family programs, and provided additional classroom equipment and materials.


    Collaborative. Innovative. Dedicated.

    It is our vision to become a collaborative communit of innovative, continuous learners who are dedicated to providing high levels of academic and social emotional learning for all. 

    Click here to view our current school improvement plan. 

    Click here to view our Title 1 School Wide Plan


    Wildewood School-Wide Expectations

    I will speak and act kindly.

    I will make safe choices.

    I will engage and learning every day.

    I will support everyone.