• FFR Bond Graphic

    Future Ready Ralston Bond Update

    On Tuesday, October 12th, Ralston residents made it clear that education matters with the passing of the Future Ready Ralston Bond Initiative. Since that time, District officials have been working hard to move forward on various projects included in the bond issue. Ralston Public Schools will provide a monthly update on the website for our community.

  • Update #1: Construction Manager at Risk

    Update #1: Construction Manager at Risk - RPS is requesting proposals from qualified construction management firms (CM) to provide construction management at risk (CM@R) services for four of the elementary school facility improvement projects within the Future Ready Ralston Bond Initiative. Those projects include the construction of a new Mockingbird Elementary; the remodel and site improvements at Meadows, Wildewood, and Blumfield Elementary Schools; and the demolition of the existing Mockingbird Elementary.

    A CM@R acts as an agent of the property owner (RPS) to complete a project within a specified guaranteed maximum price (GMP). This is where the “at-risk” part of the title comes from: If a project exceeds the GMP, the construction manager, not RPS, will be financially liable for any costs over and above the amount they agreed upon in the contract.

    With an experienced, honest construction manager overseeing the job, the CM@R method can deliver positive results. The CM@R provides a higher level of cost control from the very beginning of the project. With the CM@R being heavily involved with our decision-making and design phase of the project, the construction manager can bridge the design and build phases of the project. They are also able to help reduce schedule delays and cost overruns. Under the CM@R method, the owner and construction manager have already agreed to the final terms, with an acceptable number. Payment disputes can be alleviated when the job stays on budget.

  • Update #2: Technology

    Update #2: Technology - The RPS Technology Team and District Officials have been busy researching technology systems and infrastructure that will meet the needs of our students and staff now and into the future. 

    They have gone on multiple tours of school buildings in neighboring districts, analyzing their facilities, infrastructure layouts, and technology systems. Our staff has met several times with the engineers and architects working on each of our building projects. Discussions with industry professionals have started about intercoms, alarms, classroom audio enhancement systems, camera systems, and in-classroom technology systems. 

    RPS has identified a group of teachers (elementary and secondary) to test a technology system that potentially could be used in every classroom in the District. This system will be cycled through each of our buildings, giving our teachers a chance to test out the equipment and provide the District feedback on the system.

  • Update #3: Development of Design Plans

    Update #3: Development of Design Plans

     District officials have met with BCDM Architects and mechanical engineers to start on the new Mockingbird Elementary School facility design.
    • Survey work has started and is ongoing on the Mockingbird Elementary property.
    • Development is underway for new HVAC plans for Ralston Middle School and Karen Western Elementary.
    • An initial meeting was held with Lamp Rynearson and BCDM to discuss the new baseball and softball fields at Ralston High School.