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RPS Students Return Prepared After Summer of Learning

From elementary to middle to high school, hundreds of Ralston students continued their learning through a variety of opportunities over the summer months.

Just after Memorial Day, Ralston High School opened its summer session.

This is a photo of a Ralston High School teacher working with students.

“We’re glad students see it as an opportunity to get ahead, or open room for other electives in their schedule,” said RHS Principal Jesse Tvrdy.  “Our summer options go beyond classes to re-take or catch up.” 

Summits for elementary and middle school students identified as High Ability Learners engaged them in STEM work (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  From video production and coding to programming robots, the engaging lessons focused on problem-solving and higher-level thinking skills.

This is an image of a media specialist working with a student on a computer.

This is an image of students working on programming a robot

Summer school at the elementary level targeted reading and math in the morning, then opened time for a variety of labs in the afternoon.  Learners did everything from programming robots to safely deconstructing electronics to see circuits and technology at work. 

This is an image of students working on ipads

This is an image of students working on electronics in a summer school lab.

Ralston Public Schools prioritizes support for students and families as they transition from one school community to the next, so ‘bridge’ programs at both Ralston Middle School and Ralston High School welcome incoming students over the summer to learn the building, meet teachers, and enjoy both academic and social/emotional growth.  

This is a teacher working with students on a circuitry lab.

All of it contributes to a smoother, stronger start to the new academic year.  “We had more than 200 students sign up for Bridge to Middle School this year,” said Principal Andy Parizek.  “We see in August that students who participate in the bridge program are more comfortable and emerge as leaders from day one.”

If you’re looking for a copy of the 2019-20 academic year calendars, please click here.