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RPS Partnership with Carpenters Union Strengthens Opportunities for Students After Graduation

Thanks to a new partnership between Ralston Public Schools and Carpenters Union Local 427, Ralston High School students will enjoy an even stronger path to their career after graduation. By completing the necessary requirements at Ralston High School, graduates will be guaranteed admission into the Carpenters Union training program.

Through "blueprint", Ralston Public Schools' Career & Technical Education program, students enjoy a wide range of opportunities in six career fields. Construction and carpentry fit in the Skilled & Technical Trades field. 

Mr. Brandon Thoene, a skilled & technical trades teacher at Ralston High School, says the partnership reinforces and heightens the experience students already enjoy in his classes.  "Adding this partnership is a great opportunity for students because they will learn industry-level standards and applications," Thoene explained.

For the 2019-2020 school year, "Ralston High School will adopt a new curriculum which aligns with both industry and state standards," said Dr. Josh Wilken, career opportunities coordinator for Ralston Public Schools. Wilken adds that work will continue to be project-based, which engages students and builds applicable skills. Beyond the industry-aligned curriculum, Dr. Wilken calls the direct opportunity for continuing education after graduation, "tremendous." 

Students can "pursue a career they're passionate about in a high-demand, rewarding field which provides competitive wages," Thoene said.

"I think the opportunity is going to create a lot of jobs for a lot of people," said Spiker Kerrigan, a Ralston High School Freshman taking introductory construction classes. 

Woodworking and construction classes continue to be very popular at Ralston High School, according to Thoene, who said, "students take great pride in their work and are always excited to get their hands on industry tools and work."