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Board of Education Recognized for Excellence

Ralston Public Schools Board of Education

The Ralston Public Schools Board of Education received the 2020 Board of Excellence Award from the Nebraska Association of School Board (NASB).  Members of the Board of Education include Heather Johnson, Dr. Jay Irwin, Mary Roarty, Elizabeth Kumru, Linda Richards, and Robin Richards.

This recognition shines a light on local school boards for their commitment to achieving excellence in board leadership through continuing education and professional development.  NASB presents the award to boards that meet the criteria during the Awards Year. The criteria for this award includes a component for individual and collective commitment to board member professional development.   NASB specifically looks at attendance at NASB conferences and workshops to grow board member knowledge and skills, having a board member present at the annual Delegate Assembly, and holding an annual board retreat to discuss and develop goals.

The Awards of Achievement Program allows NASB to recognize the school district and ESU board members for achieving new levels of success during the awards year. The Awards of Achievement program year runs from August 1 through July 31. Board members are recognized for their participation in NASB Services and Programs, as well as attendance at NASB workshops and events. Just as board members have committed to providing a quality education for students in their districts, NASB strives to provide quality resources and opportunities for its members to grow their skills as board members.

It is the first time the Ralston Public Schools Board of Education has earned the Board of Excellence Award. It shows our board members' dedication and commitment to growing their knowledge and skills to help them make the best choices for our District. 

In addition to the Board Award, individual RPS Board members also earned awards this year.

  • Robin Richards: Level I
  • Mary Roarty: Level II
  • Elizabeth Kumru: Level II and Level III
  • Heather Johnson: Level IV and Level V
  • Dr. Jay Irwin: Level V
  • Linda Richards: Earned her Level X award in 2018. Level X is the highest level in the Awards Program.