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Ralston High School’s Auto Academy Receives ASE Certification

After a year of preparation, Ralston High School’s (RHS) Auto Academy received word was awarded ASE Accreditation from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. RHS is the only high school in Nebraska to have its Auto Academy program receive this designation.   

What does this mean for Ralston students? RHS students who complete a course pathway of small engines, automotive maintenance, and two full years of Auto Academy will also earn their ASE Professional Certification in Maintenance and Light Repair. Very rarely does someone earn this professional certification while being a student in high school. ASE credentials provide RHS students a big advantage as they further their dreams of working in the automotive maintenance industry.  

ASE credentials are the industry standard and a mark of excellence. They are required of most automotive professional technicians, many of whom do not have the opportunity to earn these certifications until they are enrolled in a post-secondary college or start their professional careers.  

Ralston students will be able to add the ASE certification to a resume, job, or college application. They will be one step ahead of others when being considered for a job or selected for a post-secondary college or technical school.  

What did it take to receive the accreditation?  For the RHS program to apply for accreditation, it had to meet several requirements. Those requirements were in areas such as curriculum, facilities, budgeting, administrative support, student recruitment, have a work-based learning component, and have an instructor who is an ASE certified technician. The application also included administrative and student performance data.  

An internal review of the program and application was done by a team of local industry business partners. They analyzed the program's strengths and areas for improvement. Once approved, the RHS program could then apply for an external program professional ASE audit.  This external audit was conducted by ASE industry professionals to make sure the program was qualified to meet the high industry expectations of an ASE organization. 

The RHS Auto Academy passed both reviews, went through the entire ASE program audit, and was awarded ASE program accreditation.

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