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District Battle of the Books Competition

The Ralston High School media center played host to the District's Battle of the Books competition. Elementary schools hosted competitions, and the winning team from each school advanced to the District event. It was a tremendous afternoon of competition. The matchups were fierce, and many came down to the last question to determine a winner.

Congratulations to the District Champions from Wildewood Elementary School!  Meadows Elementary School placed second.
Listed below are the teams and team members from each school who competed in the RPS Battle of the Books competition.
• First Place: Wildewood Elementary School - Alayna Bendon-Zook, Hanna Gruhlkey, and Zoey Annin
• Second Place: Meadows Elementary School - Noah Cain, Jaxson Guy, and Landry Johnston

Mockingbird Elementary School - Jaron Swanger, Billy Wilken, Jose Hernandez Martinez, and Tristan Bergman
Blumfield Elementary School - Izzy Fisher, Merina Mutunga, and Violeta Collins
Seymour Elementary School - Guy Penly, Dominic McCoy, and Szibella Yochum
Karen Western Elementary School - Samuel Calderon, Tony Lorenzo Antonio, and Maya Minske
District students were also able to compete individually by answering questions about the books they read. Congrats to the students who placed in the top three.

• 1st place - tie - Ava Dannehl (Meadows) and Jaron Swanger (Mockingbird)
• 2nd place - Emmaline Uehling (Meadows)
• 3rd place - tie - Violeta Collins (Blumfield) and Landry Johnson (Meadows)
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