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RPS Return to Learn Protocol

While we are in the business of educating, our priority is the safety of our students and our employees. Ralston Public Schools would like to share our approved plan for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year - the RPS Return to Learn Protocol. 

RPS COVID-19 Communications Dashboard
Click on the above title to view a dashboard displaying active cases, recovered cases, quarantined cases, and cumulative confirmed cases.  This dashboard is updated every Monday with the prior week's data.

** Current Instructional Level - Yellow Level **

Return to Learn Protocol Instructional Levels

Spanish Return to Learn Instructional Levels Graphic


Important Information for Yellow Instructional Level

• Daily Health Screening Questions

RPS Parents and Guardians, it is so important to ask your student(s) these COVID-19 screening questions each morning before going to school. 

We ask that you please follow the guidance from our health professionals, and if your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home. 

By conducting these self-screening questions and keeping your students home if they are not feeling well, you are helping to keep our schools healthy and safe this school year.

Screening Questions - English   Spanish

• Red Square/Blue Triangle Calendar

Students will only attend school in-person on their team's specific days noted in the attached calendar. When not attending school in-person, students will complete their assignments on their own from home.

The school day will start at 8:00 am. Elementary will dismiss starting at 2:00 pm, middle school at 2:04 pm, and high school at 2:30 pm.

Click to view the January 2021 calendar:  English   Spanish

Click to view the February 2021 calendar:  English   Spanish

Click to view the March 2021 calendar:  English   Spanish


Extended Campus Learning Program 

Updated (1/6/2021) - Since the beginning of the school year, it has been our approach to be flexible with families and students learning from home in our Extended Campus Learning Program.

To start the third term, the District has updated guidelines and expectations for Extended Campus Program students. We are shared these guidelines and expectations with parents in our weekly communication (12/17/2020 & 1/7/2021), and District Extended Campus teachers will be reviewing these new expectations with students when they return from Winter Break. Click HERE to view the expectations and information regarding Extended Campus.

RPS will continue to work with families who have selected this program for their students. If a student has a hard time adhering to the new expectations, it could result in the student returning to learning in-person. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s building principal.


• District Meal Plan During the Yellow Instructional Level

Updated (1/7/2021) - While attending school in-person on their assigned day, students are able to receive FREE breakfast and lunch meals.

At the beginning of September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the extension of the Summer Meals Program to continue offering free meals to children for the entire school year. 

RPS with its food service partner, Sodexo, will provide breakfast and lunch at all of our schools at NO COST to students for the entire 2020/2021 school year. This is a nationwide initiative school districts across the U.S. can take advantage of for their students. 

While attending school in-person on their assigned day, students can also order breakfast and lunch meals to take home to eat the following day (the day when they will be learning from home). Orders will need to be placed by 9:00 am on the day students are in school for the following day when a student is learning from home. This will provide enough time for our kitchen staff to assemble meals and deliver them to the students before the end of the school day.

Online Meal Order Forms

Click HERE for the Red Squares Order Form: English   Spanish

 Click HERE for the Blue Triangle Order Form: English   Spanish

Extended Campus Learning Program Students

Parents can also order meals for students participating in the Extended Campus Learning program.  Our food distribution day for Extended Campus Learning Program families is the first Tuesday of the month from 4:00 - 4:30 pm at Ralston Middle School (8202 Lakeview St.). Extended Campus Learning Program families interested in signing up for the monthly meals must do so by 9:00 am the Friday before the distribution day. Distribution and registration dates are listed below.

January Distribution Day - 1/12/2021. January Registration Deadline - 1/8/2021
February Distribution Day - 2/2/2021. February Registration Deadline - 1/29/2021
March Distribution Day - 3/2/2021. March Registration Deadline - 2/26/2021
April Distribution Day - 4/6/2021. April Registration Deadline - 4/2/2021
May Distribution Day - 5/4/2021.  May Registration Deadline - 4/30/2021

Extended Campus Meal Order Form

Click HERE for the Extended Campus Form: English   Spanish

Additional Information on the Free Meal Initiative

• Can students be charged for anything else?
The no-cost meal initiative includes one free breakfast and one free lunch per student, per day (M-F). If a middle or high school student purchases more than a single meal for breakfast or lunch, it WILL NOT be covered by this initiative (i.e. pop, bags of chips, or any additional snacks). 

• How will you know when the free meals program is over?
The District will let parents know as soon as we are alerted the approved funding has run out. We believe the funds should last until the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

•Do you still need to fill out a free and reduced lunch application? 
YES, if your family will need assistance after this initiative is over!  To see if you are eligible, it is a requirement to fill out an application (English/Spanish).  We would suggest completing the free and reduced application before the free meals initiative expires.


RPS Athletic/Activity Guidelines

For all extracurricular activities during the 2020-2021 school year, Ralston Public Schools will follow guidance from the Nebraska Schools Activity Association, Nebraska Department of Education, and local public health officials.

The goal is to keep the athletes, students, and community healthy and safe while still maintaining a high school sports season.

Ralston Public Schools has put together an Athletic and Activity Protocol document to provide information to staff, students, parents and community.

For more information, please click on this LINK.  The document is in both English and Spanish.  (Updated 9/17/2020)

Communication: Ralston Public Schools Response to a Positive COVID-19 Case

Response to a Positive COVID-19 Case

Spanish Text for District Response to Positive COVID-19 Case


Green, Yellow and Red Instruction Levels 

Return to Learn Protocol Info Graphic of Instructional Levels:

English     • Spanish


Return to Learn Protocol for the 2020/2021 School Year

The RPS Return to Learn Protocol is a plan designed to provide options and clear guidelines to open our schools while keeping the health and safety of our students, staff, and community as a priority. As we continue to take direction from local and state health officials, this plan allows for flexibility during the school year in response to the current health status of our community. We hope this provides you with an overview of the health and safety measures that will be required within our schools to keep them open, safe, and healthy.

The Board approved the Return to Learn Protocol as presented on July 13, 2020, with these additional conditions: 

  • RPS Superintendent Dr. Mark Adler will have the ability to make necessary changes in implementing the protocol, so District students, staff, and employees are provided the safest environment possible.

  • The Board of Education directs the District Administration Team to implement this protocol to its fullest.

  • Any changes necessary would be acted upon first and then reported to the Board of Education for validation at the first Board meeting possible after said action.   

PDF files for the Return to Learn Protocol

- Click to view a PDF of the entire Return to Lean Protocol - English   Spanish

- Click below to view a table with more information from our Return to Learn Protocol such as bussing, cleaning procedures, self-screening, cafeteria/meals, enhanced 2020-2021 school calendar, and other areas of interest.

• English Version of Return to Learn Protocol Table
• Spanish Version of Return to Learn Protocol Table


Revised 2020-2021 School Calendar

Included in this revised calendar are a few additions and revisions to the initial 2020-2021 school calendar. These revisions allow for flexibility in scheduling to provide an opportunity to adapt and navigate the potential unknowns as the 2020-2021 school year unfolds. These additions and revisions will allow the District to serve, communicate, and adapt to the needs of our school community better amidst a public health crisis.

• Click HERE to view the 2020-2021 School Calendar